20 Ways to Leave the Grumpy Life Behind

“Do all things without grumbling” (Philippians 2:14).

 grumpyActor Hugh Grant has said, “I’m horribly grumpy in the morning.” Yeah, I know a few folks who are grumpy in the morning. But I also know some who just seem to be grumpy all day long. They live the grumpy life.

We’ll feel some grumpiness when we are disappointed in ourselves, we are angry, we are fatigued and stressed, or when our body isn’t physically well. But is it healthy to feel grumpy all the time? Here are 20 ways to leave the grumpy life behind.

  1. Pray. Ask God to reveal the sources of what’s bothering you. Then take action to solve these issues.
  2. Stop nit-picking. Choose not to get overly concerned about pointless details or to get critical about the small stuff.
  3. Do an R-A-K (random act of kindness). Do something kind to help someone have a better day.
  4. Make a to-do list. Then accomplish some things on that list. You’ll feel productive.
  5. Evaluate your goals. They help you shoot forward, and help you gain some clarity about what you are wanting.
  6. Exercise. Moving your body will produce endorphins, those feel-good chemicals.
  7. Ask God to reset your attitude. Discipline yourself to choose joy in all circumstances.
  8. Let good music minister to you. Music is holy. Rejoice in the sound.
  9. Connect with a friend. Enjoy a cup of coffee or an outing with each other.
  10. Show some gratitude. Being thankful is a door through which God can lead us to experience His perfect will.
  11. Take a risk (not a stupid one, but a managed risk). When you stretch yourself by stepping out, you feel vibrant and alive.
  12. Ask other people to help you lift some of your burdens. Sometimes all you have to do is communicate.
  13. Take care of your body. If you find yourself continually grumpy you might have a physical problem.
  14. Become a list maker. Writing a list brings concerns out of your head (where they worry you) and onto a piece of paper (where you can potentially solve those concerns).
  15. Do something fun. “So I recommend having fun” (Ecclesiastes 8:15, NLT).
  16. Stop the drama. Stay out of others’ drama, and don’t create your own.
  17. Stop blaming others. Assume responsibility for yourself. If you don’t you’ll become a “victim.”
  18. Let go of bitterness and hate. Otherwise, you’ll live a truly miserable life.
  19. Practice the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). If you want love, give love. If you want friends, be friendly.
  20. Allow yourself to be God’s “work in progress.” Celebrate who you are, and what you are becoming.

grumpy2 Leave the grumpy life behind. You’ll build more hope into your life.



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