The Miracle of Christmas

Each year during the Christmas season, Linda and I enjoy watching again many of our favorite Christmas movies from the past. Linda’s favorites is “Miracle on 34th Street.” In this movie a girl wants only 2 things for Christmas: a family and a house with a swing in the backyard. At the end of the […]

A Christmas Gift List for the People in Your Life

Each year about the end of November, Linda and I begin our annual Christmas ritual. We take a yellow pad and begin to make our Christmas gift list. We’ve done this for years. We write the names of family members, persons we work with, and persons who provide services to us, and other important people […]

5 Words That Make You a Better Person

I’ve enjoyed reading Clay Scroggins’ book, Leading When You Are Not in Charge. In Chapter 4 he writes about “the hall pass.” Did you ever get a hall pass in school? You could wander the halls, hang out at your locker, peek into other classrooms, and chew gum if you wanted to. If someone attempted […]

Hope When You Feel Broken

After dealing with a giant pothole in the middle of the road for more than a year, Jackson, Mississippi, resident Eddie Prosser decided to do something that would get the city’s attention. He threw a birthday party for the pothole. Prosser put together a festive display at the pothole that featured birthday balloons and giant […]

Moving Yourself from Misery to Joy

Some recognition you likely don’t want. It’s 2017. Just named the “most miserable year” in more than a decade. This according to Gallup’s Global Emotional Index study. This study of more than 145 countries found people are experiencing more worry, stress, physical pain, anger or sadness at any point since the polling started in 2005. […]

Your Problems Help You Know God Better

Country music singer Garth Brooks wrote a popular song, “Unanswered Prayers,” in which he praised God for not giving him some of the things he had passionately prayed for in the past. The New Testament missionary and apostle, Paul, knew about unanswered prayer. Paul struggled with a painful difficulty in his life. Three times he […]

Balancing Your Life With Boundaries

When I lived in Nashville, at the northeast corner of our backyard was a marker that designated our property line. The imaginary lines created by that marker separated my property from that of Mrs. Johnson who lived next door. When she would mow her grass, she would mow along that imaginary line, and when I […]

5 Ways to Conquer Worry

A UK-firm recently polled 18,000 respondents across the globe asking what worried them most. The top worries of people around the world were: • Unemployment/jobs • Corruption and political scandals in their country • Poverty • Crime and violence • Healthcare, and • Terrorism What would you say worries you the most? Money to pay […]

You Are Free to Choose–God’s Gift to You

I live near Rome, Georgia, home of the Rome Braves professional baseball team. The Rome Braves are the 1-A farm team for the major league Atlanta Braves. If you wanted to see the Rome Braves play you have choices of days of the week, choices of ticket prices, choices of where you wish to sit, […]

Know Who You Are and You Will Have Hope

When I was a kid my dad’s side of the family celebrated annual family reunions. At each reunion, some adult would come up to me and ask, “Now, who are you?” I gave the same answer each year. “I am Leon Hardin’s son.” Do you know who you are? Not from some distant relative’s standpoint, […]