The Comparison Game: A Hope Killer

“Do your best and don’t compare yourself with others”(Galatians 6:4).

Have you ever compared yourself with someone and felt like you did not measure up?
Maybe you thought, Why are they more blessed than us? Why is she married and I am still single? Why can’t I have her body shape? Why did he get the job I wanted? Why can’t we drive a car like they drive?
The comparison game, for most of us, probably started about the time we were in middle school when our adolescence began to kick in full force. And the comparison game continues into our adult years as well.
The comparison game makes all of us losers because as Justin Zoradi has written, “It steals your joy, halts your momentum, and brings your greatest insecurities to the forefront of your mind.”

Why Comparison Is a Hope Killer
1. Comparison will cause you to perform at a lower level. When you compare yourself with someone your personal esteem suffers, and thus, you begin performing at a lower level as well. But focusing on self-improvement, and doing your best, leads you to perform at higher levels.
2. Comparison leads to jealousy and envy, two behaviors that God is not pleased with. Scripture says: “Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.” (Romans 12:6, The Message).
3. Comparison destroys relationships. Be honest. Can you really have an authentic relationship with someone for whom you feel jealousy or envy?

Once again, comparison is a dead-end street. So, how do we break the cycle of comparing ourselves with others, and gain more hope in our lives?

Beating the Comparison Game
1. Focus on what God says about you, not what others think of you. God created you in His image. You are a one-of-a-kind, unique person in God’s eyes. Your personal worth is not determined by expensive clothing, a boyfriend, accomplishments, popularity, opinions, or your body type. God loves you unconditionally. In fact, He is crazy about you.
2. Limit your time on social media. I enjoy Facebook and Instagram. Are you aware, though, that social media contributes to what is labeled today as FOMO (fear of missing out)? We read on Facebook about the fabulous vacation a friend took, and it makes us feel life has cheated us. Or we see a photo of someone’s new car on Instagram, and we feel that we deserve a car like that one. Social media is like food that feeds the comparison monster.
3. View every day, and every opportunity, as a gift from God. Wake up each day and ask, “Lord, how do You want to use me today? How can I be a blessing to someone? Show me, God, how I can show kindness and love to someone today?” This kind of approach to each day takes your thoughts off what you don’t have and onto what God has for you. Best of all, it builds hope into your life.


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  1. This is spot on Gary! So much time is wasted by people wishing, hoping and trying to be someone else. If we could just realize God made us and made no mistakes and loves us just as we are we could save so much time for service to Him. Thanks for sharing! You’re the bomb my friend!

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