God Has Amazing Power; and That’s Hopeful!

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm” (Jeremiah 32:17).

After Hurricane Irma struck Florida in recent days, a news headline read, “8 million Floridians without power.” Can you even imagine being without electrical power for several days, maybe even weeks? No electricity to power your air conditioner. Not able to brew coffee in the morning. We surely empathize with our friends in Florida. They are hurting.

At times we might be without electric power, but we never are without God’s mighty power.

When describing God, theologians often use 3 big “omni” words: omnipresent, meaning God is everywhere; omniscient, meaning God knows everything; and omnipotent, God is all-powerful.

Jeremiah, an Old Testament preacher-prophet spoke about God’s incredible power. (You can see Jeremiah’s perspective on God’s power at the top of this post.)

What does it mean to say that God is omnipotent? This big word simply carries the idea that God has the skill and strength to do all that He wishes. (Some people have the skill, but not the strength to do a certain work; others have the strength, but not the skill. God has both!) He has the ability to carry out His plan. Nothing can stop God. He is the Almighty God.

How does God’s power bring hope to our lives?

God’s Power Is Personal
Our verse from Jeremiah speaks of “God’s outstretched arm.” In the Bible, this phrase speaks of God’s power shown on behalf of people. When God’s people were enslaved in Egypt (see the Book of Exodus in the Bible), God said, “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm.”

Can you think of a problem that overwhelmed you so severely that you thought nothing could overcome that problem? When you live for God, and serve Him, He works in your life. And part of His mighty work is to overcome whatever problem you face. His power (His “outstretched arm”) is personal.

God’s Power Equips You
When was a time you were given a responsibility for which you felt inadequate or unprepared? God sometimes places us in such situations to grow our faith, and to prompt us to depend upon Him. When you find yourself with a task or responsibility that is overwhelming, ask God for power to do the task that has been assigned to you. His power is greater than your weaknesses.

God’s Power Meets Your Needs
2 Corinthians 9:8 states, “God can bless you with everything you need.” Philippians 4:19 promises, “God will take care of all your needs.” Through the years, when my wife and I faced a need, we have trusted these 2 Bible promises. And you know something? God has never failed to meet a single need in our lives. God is able to pay the bills!

God’s Power Means No Person or Situation Is “Impossible”
Perhaps you can think of a person, or situation, that you’ve given up on, and said, “It’s impossible.” If God can create the universe by merely speaking it into existence (and He did), then He can do the impossible in your life. Nothing is too difficult for God.

So here’s the hope. God actually wants to display His amazing power in your life—meeting your needs, solving your problems, giving you wisdom for decision making, breaking down barriers, restoring your relationships, conquering temptations, and more. What’s the key for this to happen in your life? Just give Him your life, all of it, with nothing held back. It really is the most hopeful way to live.

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