Spiritual Journaling Can Bring Hope to Your Life

Early this morning I read from my Bible, and then I wrote for a few minutes in my spiritual journal. After that, I spent some time in prayer. I commend this practice to you in 2019.

What Is a Spiritual Journal?

A spiritual journal is not a diary, a rehash of what you did that day. Instead, it is a written record of your personal journey with God. Write what is on your heart. Record issues you are facing, problems you are dealing with, emotions you are feeling, prayer requests, Bible verses that have been especially meaningful to you, and, of course, how you want God to work in your life as you deal with your concerns.

How to Get Started on a Spiritual Journal

  • Don’t worry about your writing. Your perfectionist English teacher will never see your journal.
  • Purchase an actual journaling book or just a notebook from your local dollar store.
  • Each day write what’s on your heart as it relates to your relationship with God: your joys, victories, desires, frustrations, uncertainties, goals, and prayers.
  • Don’t forget to include blessings and things you are thankful for.
  • Date every entry. You will want to refer to your entries.
  • Periodically read back through your entries. You will see how God has worked, and how you have grown. In fact, you will be amazed at how you have seen the hand of God working in your life!

Just for GuysI know many men aren’t into this kind of thing, but just try it and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your journey with God. Don’t worry, your journal is not for other people to read. Keeping a spiritual journal might be the key to your personal and spiritual growth in 2019.

Benefits of Spiritual Journaling

I have been journaling for years. I have found these benefits from spiritual journaling.

  • Journaling builds your faith. With your journal you have a written record of God’s activity in your life, and your response to His direction for you.
  • Journaling helps you deal with your worries, fears, concerns, and emotions. I know from personal experience that a therapeutic benefit comes to me when I write about my frustrations and worries and bring those to God in prayer.
  • A journal helps you set spiritual goals. As you make entries into your spiritual journal you will think of things you hope to do, or accomplish, in the days ahead. Your vision for the things of God will enlarge.
  • Spiritual journaling is personally rewarding. Your journal contains the remembrances of your heart and soul.
  • Your journal will remind you of people, events, situations, and other things you need to pray for. Your prayer life will grow.
  • Spiritual journaling grows you closer to God. Your entries will show you how much you need God, how He has cared for you, how He has fought battles for you, and more. Your journal shows you take God seriously.

A Caution About Spiritual Journaling

Keeping a spiritual journal is a discipline, and as we all know, it’s difficult to stay disciplined. (Think about the diets and exercise programs you never kept.) Yet, if you persevere and stick with your journaling, you will be blessed.

A spiritual journal is a wonderful tool to help you reflect and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He deepens God’s work in your soul. Even more, journaling bring hope to your life.

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