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 Problems and difficulties are common to all people. Someone has said that all of us occupy 3 positions in life: Getting ready to encounter a problem, being in the middle of a problem, or just coming out of a problem. And, if we are just coming out of a problem, we can be sure that before long, we will be going into another one. This blog, “Hope Discovered,” will help you discover some hope for the problem you are dealing with now.

I love people and I love the Bible. In this blog I bring together both typical problems and Bible verses that give hope for coping with those problems. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Most people can work through their problems if they know they have some hope. To have no hope leaves us feeling sick (depressed, downcast).

Hope anchors our spirit as we persevere through life’s problems (Hebrews 6:19). Visit this blog to find practical, real-life insights about hope. Let me know how I can serve you better.

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Gary Hardin

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  1. Great site, I look forward to looking at it regularly. I like your title “Hope Discovered”, that is so
    timely and encouraging. Keep up the good work.

  2. Gary,

    I read your March 6th article and it was very timely! Thank you for telling it like it is!


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